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When Social Media Is Too Much for Introverts

Introverts, people who tend to be focused more on internal thoughts, feelings and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation, like being around “people”. I am an introvert, and we may seem to be awkward at times but there are so many skills that introverts have. You can read more about this on a prior blog here.

Socializing was never my thing. The actual physical opening my mouth and having to think of how to respond to “small-talks” are exhausting. Very much so, that at the end of the workday and talking all day, my drive home in silence is so very much appreciated.

Talk about physical socializing being exhausting…social media socializing, in other words, “engaging”, can be just as tiring.

Okay, well I do believe “engaging” is a tad better but even as an Introvert in person or over social media, I still need time to process before I answer or reply. I wish my brain would be quicker and my heart wouldn’t worry so much about “perfection” but that’s just who I am.

Social Media

It All Began With Texting

I can kiss whoever invented texting. When I knew that I didn’t have to actually talk but reply when I felt like it, this was my new best friend. My family soon figured out that was the best way to get me. Even to this day, if that phone rings, most likely on vibrate mode, I let it go to voicemail. My family and close friends know that if they wanted to get a hold of me, shoot a quick text to ask what they wanted to ask. and I would respond when I finally got to the phone.

Then shortly after that Social Media platforms came out one by one and although my go-to is Facebook, I do use most of them. Then smartphones allowed you to set notifications to silent! (Church Choir Sings). So if you message me through either platform, most likely I’ve seen the notification and did a few glimpses on the notification to actually not have to open it so you know that I’ve seen it, LOL.

Then There Was Social Media

Remember Myspace? Oh how long it’s been since the times have changed but needless to say, Myspace started it all.

When I first started my career in Sales, I didn’t pay much attention to social media besides using it to stay in touch with friends and family. However, once I switched to Marketing, it was all about Social Media. Building a brand and seeing who your audience was a daily routine. Yes, I was on each platform all day and that was when it was starting to be too much for me. It was too much because you saw every notification and had to reply for quick response for a good rating.

As I was doing this all day on the job, even the family and friends notifications couldn’t be ignored now. *ding *ding *ding all day long. I couldn’t ignore then and had to check what was business and what was personal. It became so much that when I got off the clock, social media was not allowed. I didn’t check my phone at all and would only pick up phone calls. Or at least looked at who was calling. I see why people enjoyed a nice glass of wine each night.

Social Media Exhaustion

Practice Makes Perfect Timing

It became so much that I eventually went to a Social Media “Burnout”! I took some time off, literally 2 months off. I just needed to re-strategize and create a plan. I really do enjoy engaging with my followers and friends but I knew I had to set boundaries. I was so focused on making sure everyone was “like” and “replied” to that I couldn’t shut the world off to write anymore.

First, work is work. That’s a no brainer, I learned to ignore the personal notifications. I only allowed myself to receive notifications if it was only “my family” related and that was done through emails, text, and phone calls only. Because as a mom, I had to make sure my children were okay, all appointments were set, and nothing was wrong or an emergency. I only checked these during lunch or breaks.

Second, personal notifications would be checked after dinner only. The phone was set aside and my attention was to the family I lived with because that’s where my attention was needed. After dinner, we would usually play an activity while I plan for the next day.

Finally, bedtime. Only then when the home got quiet, I dedicated an hour to check notifications and replied to everyone. My weekends were up in the air if I had time I would and if I didn’t, I didn’t let it bother me. Ignoring the phone on the weekend gave me back my sanity and my home was happy. I completed so much off the to-do list, had real authentic conversations, and the best part, I finally got to write!


Social Media engaging can be a bit stimulating and overwhelming at times but create a schedule. Find one that works for you and commit to staying away from it when possible. Trust me, I know how hard it is to not reach for that phone when that notification goes off. Place your settings to not interfere with your focus.

As for introverts like me working in the Marketing World, it is possible to still engage and be human.

Follow me below, or feel free to comment on my social media platforms, I look forward to engaging with you. Just don’t expect it right away, but I’ll get to it before bed.


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