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The Value of Working for Free

For the last 4 years, I’ve been offering services for free. I’ve volunteered in numerous projects for many organizations to build up credibility in hopes of giving value to someone.

In my last blog, 4 Reasons Why You Should Work For Free, I mentioned how I was offered a few positions but turned them down. I only turned them down because, at the time, I wasn’t looking. I was happy where I was. I only worked for free to fill a void in my creative process of learning. That is until I decided one day to “just do it.”

Here We Go

It’s not like me, an introvert, to reach out to people and ask however this path I’ve been taking to grow out of my shell made me do it. LOL, well I’m blaming it on that. So it came the day when I fell upon an old email that was written 2 years ago. The email was as a request for me to apply for a position. Out of curiosity then and there, I decided to reply. I wonder what the recipient may wonder or if they were even still there.


My email plainly stated,

“Please keep me in mind if you should have any open opportunities in the future as I’m seeking a new adventure.”

To my surprise, a week later I received a reply. The email reply read,

“Perfect timing!”

A month in the making and planning and I jumped. How do you say “no” to something like this when you tell them what you need, what you want, and how you want to work and the answer to each is yes, yes, yes! Extactic, that I was, however, my loyal self started to feel bad. How was I going to tell my employer I was leaving? All my colleagues for so long, who have become my second family, I had to leave. Let’s just say it was the hardest place I’ve ever had to leave. They’ll always be in heart, it’s not where our story ends, I’m just starting a new chapter.

Here We Are

It’s been a month now at the new place and it has been quite the transition. Relearning, that’s what I did for the first 3 weeks, I relearned how to work with new people. How do they work best and what value can I bring them? How do I make my time with them worth it with the very limited time I have there?


I was scared but knew I wouldn’t be able to do it if I’d stayed in my comfort zone. I felt like a kid again fearing that no one will like me.

This introvert turned a new leaf. Yes, I went from full-time to now part-time and you know what, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made in a manner of time. I love my time and part-time has worked very well with my lifestyle.

The Value

To me, it was “time” and to continue to do what I love which is helping people! I get to do what I love, I continue to learn and I love to create grasping art images for organizational marketing purposes.

Every day, I am able to wake up with my family to see them off to school. I get home before they do. I come home and continue to help people but remotely. I’m a Virtual Assistant to small businesses and entrepreneurs. What better way to help others than right from the comfort of your own home! And again, helping them only on my allowed time.


I still continue to work for free, I volunteer my time and energy to visions that need movement. As stated before in my other blog, I’ll say it again, working for free has given me self-awareness, people skills, resume upgrade, and personal growth. I hope that one day you will find your passion and (to be honest,) get paid for doing something you love!

-Anna MV

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