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The Leaves Are Changing: Autumn Tag 2018

A great connection I made recently, Tiara of Muted Mouthful, tagged me to participate in celebrating autumn. I follow Muted Mouthful on Twitter and her blog! I would highly recommend you take a peek at her writings. She is a social worker and writes about mental health, well-being, relationships, and Introversion!

Yes, Introverts Unite!

This is the first tag I’ve ever been included on, not really sure what I’m doing but how do you say no?! I love the blogging community!

1) What signifies the start of Autumn to you?

Back to school (my children going back, the home is a little quieter), leaves changing color and time to bring out the jackets cause it’s getting colder.

2) Best way to spend a rainy day?

Writing, reading, and watching my son play. (He has a great imagination)

My daughter is 16, I don’t get to see her play anymore, LOL. She keeps herself quite busy with homework, meeting up with friends and family, or running off to her job.

3) Your most favourite Autumn memory?

I’m not so sure that I have one but when Autumn comes around, this is the time we harvest our ginseng roots. For anyone who farms, it’s time to prep your crops for the winter until spring arrives. It’s hard labor but we get to be outdoors for the time and it’s a reminder that another year of maintaining your field is over.


4) Favourite fall scent?

Not just the fall but any time of year, fresh cut grass! Our city does leaf pick-up and when we gather and rake our leaves to the street, we mow the lawn to get the final pieces picked up. I love the smell of fresh cut grass.

5) What are you most excited about this Autumn?

Autumn tends to be my end of the year season, this is when I make my goals for the following year. Whether it be a family goal or personal goal, I revamp and see how far we’ve come. Yesterday I just completed a vision board webinar and I’m excited to see what the future brings.

6) Favourite Autumn song?

I don’t have a favorite autumn song, is there such a thing? I love music, any type of music and lately, it’s the songs my boy has been able to sing.

Is it horrible that I’m already looking forward to holiday music all day long? (I actually listen to 1 or 2 holiday songs year round. There’s something about Christmas songs that make me feel so warm)

7) Favourite Autumn film?

I don’t have a favorite autumn film, but I love the new “horror” movies that come out in lieu of Halloween. As I get older, I don’t know if it’s because hormones or just getting more sensitive, but I don’t watch them as much as I used to. I’m the type of person who can sit home by herself and watch horror flicks and be fine while others think I’m nuts that my mind doesn’t play tricks on me.

8) What TV shows are you looking forward to this fall?

I haven’t watched a show in who knows how long, and I definitely don’t know when a season show would begin. I usually just binge watch a season once the season is already over. Sometimes I’ll start and get carried away doing something else that I forget to watch it. That just means it wasn’t that interesting because I basically used it for background noise. Oops!

9) Favourite Autumn colour?

I love all the colors out in nature.

10) Favourite fall fashion trend?

Scarves and boots! Living in the midwest, this goes from autumn to spring! I love wearing flat knee-high boots and scarves for extra warmth. Not for the fashion trend, I just like being comfortable.

11) Your most loved outdoor Autumn activity?

When the sun actually shines and I’m able to enjoy the outdoors with the family. We love going for walks and taking pictures to capture memories. Today is not one of those days, it rained overnight so it’s wet outdoors. It’s cloudy and the sun is hiding. Being wet outdoors makes the leaves on the ground so heavy! I was going to rake leaves today, but I’m not going to attempt that knowing it’s going to be extra heavy by myself.


I tag krish, Lynne, Jen Cannon, Robyn, and My9IncTravelBlog!
I can’t wait to read yours!

-Anna MV

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