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Still Halloween

Ever since school started this year, Youtube has been an exceptional tool for Kyson to let him know Halloween was here. Yes, it’s been Halloween in our house since September!

Our Halloween decorations and old costumes that have been sitting in a box has come out to be his favorite things to play with. He even got his therapy sessions to be all about Halloween. His favorite thing to play was “skeleton chase.” We have a huge styrofoam skull that is held and he chases his scared therapist around.

Witch laughter and ghostly howlings were always practiced during sessions.

As Halloween finally arrives, I can’t believe how far he has come. It was only 2 years ago that Kyson freaked out on the streets and had a meltdown when he saw kids in costume walking around. I had to, with all my might, carry him home while he squirmed for me to release him. We made it to 1 house that year and spent the night handing out candy instead.

Kyson got home from school, already in his skeleton outfit.

“Kyson, do you want to go trick-or-treating?”
“Yes!” Kyson answers wide-eyed and ready.

We arrive at the mall, and I put on a witch hat. Once he saw the hat, he wanted it as well, so he ended up being a skeleton witch. My funny little man, so creative and no cares in the world at this moment. Halloween was here and that’s all that mattered.

As we start going from store to store, Kyson still can’t say “trick-or-treat,” but like a pro, held out his bag. We were able to get in a few “thank yous” and that was growth that we didn’t get to last Halloween.

Be whoever you want to be

The third store we stopped at just happen to be where Kyson’s big sister worked. She was handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Boy, was he ever surprised and excited to see her! With big hugs and an expression of trick-or-treating, he received his treat from her. Kids were lining up so we carried on.

Autism trick-or-treating

Kyson got through the entire mall, going store to store trick-or-treating. Just like that, we were back in the hall where we started. We left home and on the drive, not a single word was said but all smiles.

Best Halloween ever, and most importantly, Dad was able to join us this year. This was the first Halloween that he was able to join us and I was a little terrified because Kyson and Dad have a complicated relationship. Kyson tends to freak out a bit more when Dad is around. Shortly after getting home, Dad left for work.

Kyson and I enjoyed the rest of the evening with dinner and watching Youtube Halloween videos.

It’s been two weeks since Halloween and the Halloween videos are still playing in the house, playing ghost, mummy, zombie, or skeleton is still here, and the Halloween costumes are still be played with. Best Halloween ever, and it’s still Halloween!

-Anna MV

Happy Halloween!

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