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So Many Doors

My love for online payment options saves me so much time and money. It gives me that peace of mind that I won’t be late on a payment cause the minute the bill comes in the mail or via email…(notification ding) thank you for your payment. The bills gets paid.

Well today I was made aware that I’m a wimp of a mom and well in a nice way “frugal”. I just call myself “cheap,” but for readers sake I will go with frugal. So, this scene that just took place just determined I’m not as strong of a mom when challenged on my own, I need support. Referring to my last post of getting through to new environments with my son, but I forget that he only conquered this with the help of two BTs.

It’s lunch time for me and I decided to run out and pay a bill with Kyson. The place wasn’t too far away and you can only pay by cash or check. Great, out of stamps too! Oh, but you can’t mail in cash so I had no choice, but to get this done during business hours. The thought of having to stop at the post office too for stamps with Kyson, yeah not going to happen. That would be two new places and two “escape” moments I would have to tackle on my own. Plus, the place we had to get to was just down the road from the post office, might as well just go straight there.

As we get there and I park the car, Kyson is already screaming “No! No!” I open the door and unbuckle him out of the car seat, he hops off and jumps to the other side. “No! Bye…bye!” he yells. I close the door and run to the other side and attempt to retrieve him. Yep, he jumped back to the car seat but now huddles his little body onto the floor.

Five minutes of talking to him, trying to calm him down and letting him know it’s okay. Yeah, it wasn’t happening and time was ticking, I have 30 minutes for lunch. I eventually convince him to come to me. I grab him, pick him up and carry him out of the car.

All hell broke loose, first escape, throwing himself to the cement. I pick him up and he dashes off right in front of an oncoming vehicle coming into the parking lot. He stops and come back to me. I hold his hand and we walk. He is reluctantly walking with me and still trying to pull himself to the ground.

We get to the door. Okay, let’s breathe…we’re okay. Doors open, we walk in to another set of doors. Second set of doors open, we walk in. He’s pouting. Another set of doors, but this time there are people in the room. He sees no way out and turns and bashes his head on the door continuously. Thank goodness there is a waiting area with chairs, I sit him down.

“Hey buddy, it’s different, it’s new. It’s okay. We’re okay”

He starts banging the back of his head on the chair.

“Oh look, a baby” trying to make him look to the room we need to get into. He looks, but nothing. Head banging starts again.

“Okay, what do you want?”

“Can I have Grandpa please?”

Can you guess what happen next? Yes, Grandpa wins! I wait a few more minutes then ask again to make sure. Yep, Grandpa it was. We walk out to the car, get in the car and I drive to my in-law’s place not too far away. Thankfully Grandpa was home. He happily stays with Grandpa as I head back.

I am back where I was 10 minutes ago. In this day and age, why is there no online payment option for this bill? It’s a bill for the support program that is provided for Kyson with his needs. Why are there so many “doors” to get in this dang room?

Was I being too cheap in not buying stamps? Well, I just wasted my gas to get from A to B to C and back to B. I go pick up Kyson, more wasted gas from B to C and back to A. Lesson learned, we will attempt the new environments again, but not by myself.

-Anna MV (cheap wimpy mom venting)

Happy as ever on our evening walks, no doors here!

Anna MV

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  1. krismadeablog

    I don’t think you were being too cheap, especially since the other place was not far from the post office. I would have made the same decision because I would have known the bill was paid instead of potentially getting lost in the mail.
    Besides, you didn’t know what was going to happen.

    1. AMV70R

      Thank you. It was more along the lines of okay, money for stamps, money for envelope, and money for gas to run for the items I didn’t have. The bill doesn’t come with paid postage envelope, let alone an envelope. Oh the irony!

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