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Private Chef Dining: Is It Worth It?

My recent experience with having a private chef dining. What’s all the hype about private chef dining anyway? Perhaps something you may have said if you’ve never experienced it, or if you’re frugal like me, you can’t get past the cost.

I recently was invited to a birthday dinner of a good friend of mine. This was my first experience like no other. Dinner was served in the home of the Chef. I was a bit reluctant to attend as we would have to pay for our own plates, $55.00 to be served. Of course, all I looked at was the price tag attached to it. However, it was a very good friend’s birthday and I couldn’t say no. I already found a babysitter so I could attend.

“Just like the stars, you don’t always see them but they’re always there”

Having a small but tight-knit circle of friends, birthdays are one way we can finally get together to reconnect. Being that we are all Hmong, my circle just so happen to be all related as a sibling or by marriage. To us, we are all sisters.

Let the Evening Begin

I arrived at Chef’s home and was greeted by the host (another girlfriend who planned the dinner) and soon after was greeted by Chef and his partner who would be assisting in service tonight. It was the holidays and their home was decked out marvelously. It was beautiful, I felt as if I entered a small boutique with unique home decor. I could’ve stared at each detail for days.

Holiday Chandelier

As the remaining party arrives and the birthday girl we were seated in the dining room. Table settings perfectly aligned and we were offered wine. However, I stuck to water.

Let the Party Begin

Dinner started with appetizers, we each received our own plates and then Chef comes in to describe what was presented. He did so with every dish that came out. We started off with medium steak on rye bread topped with tomato relish drizzled with olive oil. Centerpiece plate array of home baked garlic bread to help ourselves with. We ended with a mixed green salad with vinaigrette, candied walnuts, figs, and gorgonzola (this was my favorite). The balsamic vinaigrette was excellent and I personally asked Chef for him to bottle it, I would be his first customer to buy a bottle.

After the table was cleared, we were served a sorbet infused with vodka to cleanse the palate. We’re talking about a cranberry vodka flavored shot but delicately eaten. Yum!


We made it to the main course which was a bread crusted chicken breast on top of alfredo and homemade pasta. Wow, homemade pasta really does make a difference! The pasta was cooked perfectly and the sauce wasn’t overwhelming the dish. Served on the side was grilled green beans. The chicken was moist however I felt the cheese diminished the crunch a bit but didn’t spoil the overall flavor.


Last But Not Least

Of all the ladies, I probably was the one who ate most of the main course. By this time we already had appetizers, bread, and salad. Each plate size was the perfect portion, but I don’t think anyone realized how much food was still left to go.

For dessert, we were served a unique twist on apple pie. Soft creme brulee, almond cookie, and pie crust shaped like a rose with caramel applesauce. At this time, the button on my pants could’ve been un-button but I managed. What a perfect ending to an amazing meal. The dessert was light and fluffy and did remind me of homemade apple pie. I finally asked for that glass of wine.


Final Thoughts

What an amazing experience this has been. My girlfriend who pulled this off did an amazing job planning. As we ended our night with conversation and laughs, Chef came out to explain what each dish was inspired by. They were inspired by the birthday girl.

Prior to planning, the host asked birthday girl’s husband and sister about some of her favorite things to eat. As Chef explained, it all made sense. Her love of steaks, chicken alfredo, and apple-pie were all incorporated with culinary finesse made personally for her. Definitely an option I will be looking into when it’s my turn to host and plan a birthday party.

The party was small which made conversation intimate. The environment was festive but in Chef’s personal home which made you feel as if you were at a family dinner, but served and food made as if you were at a fine dining restaurant. A must for an intimate dining experience!

-Anna MV

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