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Parenting Autism: Four Ways to De-Stress from Daily Stress

Parenting a child with Autism who is unable to cope with his own emotions or unable to communicate, is tough and overwhelming. It’s a daily struggle trying to be cool and calm while trying to redirect him when his senses have been overloaded. These moments when I’m at the end of my whit, I want to think that I know exactly how he feels; helpless, explosive, angry, and uncontrollable.

Here’s four ways to de-stress from the “daily” stress…


“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” – Charles R. Swindle

“The past cannot be changed the future is in your power” – Unknown

A few quotes I’ve read lately, even if seen before I’m always rereading them. Throughout my life, I’ve always dealt with emotional imbalance (I guess you would call it that). The type of person when I’m at my high, I’m at my best. When I’m on my low, I stay in that place for a long time.

Sounds silly, but reading the small motivational quotes and repeating them reminds me why I’m here.


As the saying goes, “Music Makes Me”. This is something I hold true. Have you ever listen to a sad love song and you start remembering all the bad times in your life? Yeah, music can do that to you.

Pop in some headphones if you must. Play those joyful music, the ones that make you smile and love life. Pretty soon, you’ll be walking with the beat and can’t help, but smile.


Take a walk and remove yourself from the environment you’re in. Go by yourself if you can, if not, take your child along. Sometimes removing him/her out of the environment helps shift their mood as well. Enjoy nature’s beauty and embrace the moment. If you’re by yourself, don’t forget those headphones and get the music going.


For yourself that is and if only you’re lucky enough to have someone in the home with you. Yes, I’ve stuck myself in the bathroom before, hid in the bedroom, even the basement just to shout. As much as parents use time-outs as a way of discipline, “sit here and think about what you did”, adults can also benefit from this. During this time, I literally speak and tell myself to chill. Just as I always say to to my son when we’re in a new environment, I say to myself,

“C’mon, you got this! You can do this!”

It takes 5 minutes, you probably don’t think that’s a fair time, but if actually timed I find it’s efficient.

Life, it’s never what you expect it to be. You work hard, you win, you fail, but please start somewhere. The amazing support of a stranger can go a long way. Find your person, your crowd, even if that means the one person you want support from most can’t show it or isn’t always there. Surround yourself with positives even if it’s someone else’s positives. Whatever you’re struggling with at the moment, I pray you take a moment to de-stress from it.

Anna MV

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  1. Robyn

    Nice list! I love going to time out 🙂

    1. Anna MV

      Definitely, me too! Thanks Robyn! 😊

  2. my9inctravelblog

    This is just an awesome post!, I definitely love the time out part, keeps be sane! lolz. Thanks for sharing. Remain blessed.

    1. Anna MV

      Thanks for reading! Everyone needs a time out once in a while 😊

      1. my9inctravelblog

        Yes indeed, you have a very strong point there. Awesome post!

  3. thestoryofash6

    Thank you for this! I’ve actually really enjoyed reading this.

    I’m in a relationship and my partner has autism and although it’s not severe, I’m really trying to understand how so I can help make his life as easy as possible.

    Thank you 😊


    1. Anna MV

      You’re welcome and thanks for reading Ashleigh! Hope it helps 😊

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