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Not Hmong Enough

Recently while strolling through my Facebook feed, I ran across an article about Brenda Song being upset about not being given a chance to audition for Crazy Rich Asians because she wasn’t Asian enough. Let me say that again, she isn’t ASIAN enough.

Are you kidding me, Brenda?!
I don’t know if it’s true or just for media hype, but after a quick read all I could say was,

“Uh, narcissist much?!”

Brenda, we don’t know what causes narcissism but they say it could be related to genetics and environmental factors. You need to quit playing “London” and welcome to the real world. Not everyone is given the parents and opportunities with support like you may have been dealt with.

Sure, I don’t doubt one bit that you work hard but c’mon! Many of us do too but you don’t see anyone crying about it. As a matter of fact, we work hard and live with being stereotyped every day! 

Brenda Song, you look nothing but Asian! The fact that you’ve worked hard to get non-Asian roles, you should be proud of that honey! What makes another Asian more Asian? Carry on.

Why I’m not Hmong enough

  1.  All my life I’ve always lived in areas where there was a Hmong Community presence and still I get asked: “what type of Asian are you?”

  2.  You’re Hmong but don’t know how to speak Hmong?!
    Me: Such a shocker, I know!

  3.  You don’t look Hmong.
    Me: Oh, uh what does a Hmong look like?
    Them: I mean you don’t have the flat nose, you have high cheekbones and your eyes…
    Me: Yeah, just stop.

  4. Can you butcher a chicken and make a meal with it to your in-laws?
    Me: If my life depended on it, yes. Do I ever want to? Nope! They sell chickens like that at the store, thank you very much!

  5. Can you sing kwv txhiaj? (traditional Hmong singing)
    Me: Of course not, can you?

  6. Are you Chinese or Japanese?
    Me: I’m Hmong
    Them: Oh, are you from China or Japan?
    Me: SMH

  7. Elderly Hmong says something to me in Hmong
    Me: What?
    Elderly Hmong to me: What kind of Hmong are you if you don’t even understand Hmong?

  8. But what’s your REAL name?
    Me: (crickets)
    Them: What’s your Asian name?
    Me: facepalm!

  9. You’re Hmong, how come your kids don’t speak Hmong? Don’t you want them to know their culture?
    Me: Gosh, that question’s getting old. Next!

  10. NYOB ZOO! (this western guy saying hi to me in Hmong)
    Me: Dude, I’m Hmong, not DEAF!

Yeah, I don’t have anything else to say but I hope what was being said in that article isn’t true. Maybe it was just for publicity, but c’mon Brenda! That’s a lame excuse for not getting something you wanted. Maybe, just maybe, your acting wasn’t what they were looking for that’s all. 

Vent over.

-Anna MV



Anna MV

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  1. Jonathan Moua

    Interesting perspective! Doua Moua also said the same thing in a podcast interview though too, so it somehow leads me to believe that they were both slighted for being Hmong and not being East Asian.

    1. Anna MV

      Interesting, I’ll have to go listen to it. Thanks for sharing, Jonathan!

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