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Do It Your Way

My Introvert Struggles

Leaders don’t claim to be leaders, followers do it for them.

I don’t know why it’s always been so hard and difficult for me to accept compliments from someone. I don’t even know if that’s consider an “introvert” characteristic or not, but I know it’s always been a struggle for me. With past experience I have been able to overcome this a few times with certain jobs and challenges I took on, but believe me, it is exhausting for an introvert to physically talk all day long.

Story Time

I recently connected with a gentleman on LinkedIn, he asked what I wanted to be remember for in this lifetime because I post a lot of encouraging content and I simply told him,

“To be honest, I don’t know yet. I’m still figuring that out. I do know, however that I want to make a movement from behind the scene while I can due to my lifestyle and situation at the moment.”

I went more into details about what I “suck” at and hope to do and am starting to slowly do; I know how to make people look good vs. me (an introvert) who doesn’t care to be in front of the crowd or on set, or to be the face to anything. Sure, I take recognition when given and I appreciate it, but I’m okay with just knowing I was a part of “something”.

I guess he was confused as to why I wanted to do such a thing behind the scene, until I went back and read his entire story book profile, how he found himself taking a year off to find his voice. He gave me a few words of encouragement letting me know that my SUPERPOWER was helping people, I should show my gift and then suggested on how I can start.

Mr., I appreciated the kind words, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t like being pushed towards something I know I’m not ready to pursue in my current situation. I happily admit my failures and my own doubts about myself. It is not talking negatively about myself in anyway, I just know who I am “not”.

Vent Session; Dear Mr.

Thank you, Mr. Professional Motivational Speaker, a coach who cofounded a company on helping people empower their voice to create leaders. Your entire story was neatly displayed like a storybook on your profile, but I gave you one paragraph of me and here you are pushing me to do something you believe in while you could’ve simply acknowledge what I wanted to do was a great start, but you didn’t. You only wanted to get your message out to me and yes, I got it! Thank you for telling me I shouldn’t be doing what I thought I was good at and instead do it your way. I’m grateful you are so passionate about yourself, but it’s your passion and not mine. I will thank you for your kind words.

There’s a difference when you think someone is talking negatively about themselves, but I didn’t think I was. I suck at a lot of things, I’m happy to admit it and it’s who I am and it’s how you see it. You have a one-way view while I have many. Words of encouragement I post are for myself and it’s not a plea for help. What I do to get my voice heard is something I love to do and I’m good at it, and the one thing that you didn’t bother to do was see what other platforms I’m on. I checked out yours though. You are right about one thing, one of my SUPERPOWER gift is about helping people and that is why I am writing this because it’s my passion to build acceptance.

I would like to help you understand that you judge too quickly. You asked one question and gave a whole story on how I should do better. You don’t know me. Just because our passions don’t align and we seek to engage in a different way, we must realize that there are so many leaders who come from all type of industries and all are great at one thing, but also have weaknesses. If it was all so easy to do it one way everyone would be doing it and you wouldn’t have the ability to give yourself that title and there would be no diversity.

So again, thank you for your kind words and words of encouragement, but I’m okay where I’m at. I don’t need to have anyone remember me for anything in this lifetime, but like I told you, my priority is the well being of my kids and if they remember me for at least “trying my best,” then I would leave happily.



Do It Your Way

Anna MV

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  1. krismadeablog

    I do think it was wrong of that guy to assume you were doing something wrong. Everyone has their own way of doing things, and if they want to take their time, they should be allowed to take their time.
    I’m also a quiet introvert, so I never I understood why I keep getting pushed into leadership roles. I’m far from charismatic. I don’t even consider what I do leading. I try to help people lead themselves and make the right choices. When I get praise, I can say, “No, it was all them.”
    So I get what you mean about wanting to be in the background. I hate the attention, but I love the end results. I love knowing that I played some small part. 😊

    1. AMV70R

      Thank you, and yes me too. I’ve been complimented on my quiet leadership. LOL, not even sure what that means, but well I’m learning.

  2. Sigrid Chu

    Hello Anna,

    I admire you for knowing who you are and who you’re not. Many spends a lifetime just trying to figure this out for themselves.

    And I agree, there’s no one way of doing things. There’s no one way of being a leader, or being a success. We each have our own ways and that’s the beauty of life. We can forge our own paths in whichever way that feels right for us.

    Good on you for knowing who you are.


    1. Anna MV

      Sigrid, thanks so much for reading and the kind words. I’m so glad to have connected with you!

      1. Sigrid Chu

        Hello Anna,

        It’s my pleasure. I look forward to reading more of your blog.


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