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Moving On

I know, I know, it’s been a while. Life’s been hectic, busy, and well…amazing! As I write this, I can’t help but wonder how much Kyson and the rest of us are moving on. Moving on to bigger and brighter opportunities!

Being part of the “Great Resignation”, I’ve left my corporate job and started working for myself. I love what I did, but realized I loved us a whole lot more. Best decision I’ve ever made. It allowed me to regroup, continue to grow with Kyson, and build more meaningful relationships and memories.

I knew I wanted more, not with my career, but I wanted more for my family. I was able strategically plan and think about the future. What really lies ahead of being a parent to a child with special needs?

Kyson has made strives I never could have imagined he’d be able to 5 years ago when we started therapy. From reading, writing, and my favorite, having conversations with him. Learning how to socialize with peers his own age is still a struggle, but he’s getting there and moving on.

10 Positive Gains

1. Kyson meeting all work goals given to him

2. Kyson has a friend to look forward to seeing at school

3. His communication skills continue to improve

4. He has more time in the regular grade classroom setting

5. He no longer uses a fist grip to hold his writing utensil

6. Penmanship is improving

7. Still loves math

8. He can unscrew and take apart all his toys and put them back together

9. He can dress himself

10. He is willing to try new foods (or at least smell it)

As I finish this, therapy is in session. I love to hear the conversation he has with the Behavioral Technician, sometimes the whole conversation is a Youtube video he has memorized. As the school year continues and seasons change, we are moving on. Kyson will be officially graduating from ABA therapy and this school year will be his final year at the school he attends. His school has a special program just for teaching children on the spectrum and he no longer needs the tools that provided for him there. He will start the new year at his home school only 3 blocks away. That means, no more early bus pick-ups and late but drop-offs. I don’t know anyone, even an adult, that has worked more than he has these past 5 years. I am so proud.

We are moving on! – Anna MV

Graduating ABA

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