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Introverts Living The Dream

It was only two weeks ago that our State Governor mandated school closures, one week prior to our scheduled spring break. Then there came the no gathering of 10 or more and now nonessential businesses to close their doors.

Stay home, stop the spread, and to practice social distancing. This leads many in my areas to lose jobs or stay home. I myself got working hours cut, but for an introvert such as myself, I’ve been living the dream. I’ve had so much quiet time, time for my family, time to get things done.

Sure, there’s still its challenges but I’m really enjoying it. Here are some things I’ve been able to accomplish in the last two weeks. The ups and downs, the overall lifestyle I could get used to.

Things to do while in quarantine, 

1. Teacher
First and foremost, I would like to thank all the educators out there. There are so many of you that go on doing what you love to do with no appreciation. I truly appreciate you.

Yes, I have become a teacher, speech therapist, physical education teacher, and behavioral therapist. It’s been challenging mostly on my end, on the upside, I can’t believe how smart and quick my son is. Oh, and his favorite subject is math.

2. Taxes
Blah blah blah, stuff I don’t really care to do but I’ve been filling our family’s taxes for a few years now. Yes, I got them all done for 2019 and e-filed. Patting myself on the back! Now we wait to see if they’re accepted. Even with the extension of the filing date, I still made myself finish prior to the original date of April 15. Yes!

3. Census
If you haven’t received your letter yet for your ID, perhaps wait until you get this, although it’s not necessary. Just go to and take the questionnaire. It only takes about 10 minutes.

4. Clean
I’ve spent my days cleaning and sanitizing. I always had a routine for this but with the virus and many other sicknesses in the air, I’ve been doing this a bit more thoroughly. I usually just do a deep clean once a week, typically Fridays, however with all this time I’ve been able to bring out the steamer and steam cleaned my entire bathrooms. Cleaned my windows, inside and out. Cleaned the stove. You’re probably wondering where I got all my cleaners from since every store at the moment is out and I haven’t actually bought store brand or any other brand cleaners for a few years now. I just make my own with a little vinegar, distilled water, Dawn dish detergent. This solution works great on glass and mirrors too. 

5. Work
Okay, I’m still working so the days I go in, I do my things. Set up my folders for the week, create what I can, do some billings, then I come back home. With my hours being cut, I’ve actually had had time to look for more work. Freshened the resume and now looking to apply. So far, only 2 that I found, but 2 more than none. 

6. Binge
Binge-watching! I’ve caught up on all my favorite shows and even watched a few new ones I’ve been meaning to watch. Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order SVU, This Is Us, just to name a few. 

7. Daily Meals
So I usually cook every day anyway, but this was something I enjoyed a bit more. Cooking and everyone is home to eat. The one bad thing, I feel like I’m constantly eating, well we all are. Dishes pile up quick and it’s non-stop. The kids snack like 7 times a day, I swear!

Final Thoughts

I really think I could get used to this. Although, I’m not so sure my children can. As much as just want everyone home, life still has to go on. My husband and I still have to work for money, my children still have to continue classes even with schools being closed indefinitely, and as much as I try to avoid it, I still have to talk to people. LOL! 

This is so nice, this whole stay home and quarantine life is an introvert’s dream! 
We’re good, we got this!

– Anna MV


Anna MV

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