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Introvert: Ways of Breaking the Shell

Other than being an Introvert, I also have Glossophobia. Glossophia is the fear of public speaking. My fear of public speaking isn’t so terrible when it comes to strangers, but to familiar faces…(pass the vomit bucket please!) If you’ve been following along, you probably read somewhere along the way that I’m trying to grow my “people skills” and connect with others. Also more recently, ” The Value of Working for Free” post of my work with different organizations in my area.

Social Media Takeover

One organization I work with is an organization committed to the development of individuals through networking, leadership, and community engagement. We were asked to do a collaboration with an event that took place over this last weekend. The event was the Hmong Wausau Festival, we were asked to assist with doing a social media takeover. The festival was a gathering of the Hmong community from all over to compete in sports, music, dance, and even had a “male” pageant called “Mr. Hmong Royalty.” The event is open to all, so it’s not just for Hmong.

Last year the festival brought thousands in and this year, it was an estimated up to 10,000 to attend. Along the fields where they had sport games going on, there were vendors from food, fashion, business networking, and even upcoming stars in the music industry. It was a fascinating sight, especially the young entrepreneurs making their way at their booth to showcase their products and talents.


What does a social media takeover actually entail? A whole LOT when you’re an introvert.

The event was a 2-day event starting on Saturday until Sunday when all Champions of each category would be announced. Our team was to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat. We were split into a team of two, coordinated of when to go live by a schedule and where to be when something was taking place. We took photos, we tweeted, snapped, interviewed, and shared-shared-shared.

Why did I agree to this?

Imagine speaking to the public and eyes glaring at you, but  having to go “live” on social media where the audience is huge and you don’t see any eyes! Did I have a heart attack before I arrived to the field? You bet! I jammed my music, bass loud all the way there and shook with nervousness the whole time walking trying to find my partner. My heart was still pumping so fast even as I found her.

The day started, there was a lot of walking to get from one area to the next. It was a huge park. My favorite part of course, the food! So much yummy food! Did I mention my partner wouldn’t get in front of the camera? If I didn’t do it, we would’ve had live shots of nothing.

Final Thoughts

So it wasn’t too bad, I’m still alive! However, doing all those interviews and social engagements I came home and listened to silence the rest of the night. Best sound ever! Here’s a few minor tips I found that helped me, the introvert.

Speak Up – My tone isn’t very loud to begin with when I talk so I had to talk a little louder (plus we didn’t have a mic, beside the one on the phone)

Take Your Time – don’t rush the subject, preparing yourself mentally sometimes just makes it worst. My voice was so shaky I had to remember to breath.

Eununciate – taking your time helps with this too. I stumble over my words a lot when I’m nervous. Enunciate so you can be heard, you want the audience to hear what you’re saying, not what you may have said. Use common language everyone will know. (smile)

Be Yourself – at the end of the day, be yourself. Let your personality do it’s job and it won’t be so uncomfortable.

Do or Die – well I didn’t die. All though I went in nervous as heck, I still got myself in front of the camera

Will I ever do it again? Yes, it was a great experience. It’s true, you fear the unknown. I was now in front of the camera, instead of my usual behind the scene take. I guess I can check that off the list. In fact, I look forward to doing it again soon. People skills will always be a working progress for me, but I did make a few connections at the festival.

Watch the video here, thanks for reading, cheers!

-Anna MV

Anna MV

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  1. Robyn

    That is AWESOME! Way to go! I have a horrendous fear of public speaking. I turn bright red, get splotches all over my chest and neck – and I don’t breathe so then words are garbled – it is just awful (for me and I am sure the audience is just as uncomfortable). So I feel your success – and on live feeds! Wow! Way to go!!

    1. AMV70R

      It was quite the experience thats for sure. 😂 and yes i get red too! I get so nervous I dont even know half the words that are coming out of my mouth.

  2. Quietly Ambitious

    I get nervous right before I do public speaking but once I get going I’m fine! Well done for showing up!

    1. AMV70R

      Thank you, glad I did too! Hope I get to your point one day 😂

  3. krismadeablog

    Well done! Good to see you pulled it off.

  4. Lureta

    Thank you for sharing this post. I am terrified of public speaking. I was just asked to speak at the ladies group of our church in the fall. I have a choice to say no. However I feel God telling me to say yes. I’ve never spoken publicly before. I love your courageous embracement. I pray I will do the same.

    1. AMV70R

      Thanks for reading Lureta! Like they say, “you are your own worst doubter”. You can do it, don’t second guess yourself when the time comes. Good luck!

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