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How to Stay Fit with Autism

I’ve always struggled with my fitness by trying to find the time, making it a routine, and honestly, lack of motivation to keep up. 

Since I became a mom at an early age, I’ve always been pretty active so I just didn’t think a workout routine was necessary. I played volleyball almost daily and 3-5x a week would do strength training at home. Being an introvert, I just didn’t find going to a crowded gym with grunts and stares would do me any good. 

Even when I did join a gym, I joined the smallest gym in the area and went during the hours when I knew there would be no one there. I would do so until I just didn’t feel like going anymore and this was the entire health fitness routine I’ve always done. I’ve gone years without even thinking about it. I just let my body go. 

Fitness Fails

I love food, I am not one to watch my diet or meal prep as I see most of my friends do. It wasn’t until after I had my son that for some reason (blaming age) my body’s metabolism completely went down. I was still eating as I wanted but I would walk consistently every night with him in his stroller. 3-5 mile walks up-hill with him each night helped me keep in shape. 

Then he learned how to walk and no longer fit in the stroller. He joined me on the daily walks, but the walks were slow-paced and seemed to last forever. Then during the entire process of us going from appointment to appointment getting him diagnosed and starting ABA therapy, my regime to try and stay fit just stopped.

I couldn’t find the motivation to start again. My days were so full of work, then therapy, dinner, and bed. The same routine every day and it was completely exhausting. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m the type of person that when I’m in a “high” on life, it doesn’t stick too long. My “lows” lurks and over welcome its’ stay. 

Finding Motivation

I am at the heaviest I’ve ever weighed in my life at this moment. I am getting rid of clothes that no longer fit and boxing them away. I see pictures I have on my “vision board” of a lady with very fit abs and I say to myself, the year’s not over. I have a few weeks left to get that image. 

Well, I probably won’t look exactly like it, but hopeful that I’m on my way. I’m making time each night for “me”, a better me that I need. Yes, my days are long, but I know I have to do it. 

The Routine

Each day, I hustle and try to get most of my work done. I get Kyson off the bus and then straight into therapy. We have dinner during this time, which gives me about an hour to digest my food. 

After dinner, I give Kyson a half hour just to unwind and do his own thing. 7:00 pm hits and I fill my water, put on my shoes and head to the basement. I am once again, for the second time, doing Insanity. I love this program because of the cardio, core, and balance I gain. 

I know I look like a fool when I first started because I couldn’t keep up (LOL) but after each night with sweat dripping, I know it’s worth it. 

Insanity with Kyson

Kyson thinks I’m dancing. He loves to join in. Last night he asks if I could go downstairs and dance. I tell him not today, it’s my rest day. Which means today will be a dance night with Kyson. Kyson loves Insanity and it helps to wear him out a little before calming him down for bed that’s for sure. Yes, today, on Thanksgiving, Kyson and I will be dancing…with Shaun T!

Wishing you and yours, a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

-Anna MV

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