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Growing With The Final Days of School

The school year officially ended. Originally the last day should have been June 6th but treachours Wisconsin weather made children miss 5 days. In order for the teachers to fill in their missed lessons, the school district made the time start 5 minutes earlier.

Little did they know that once that 5 minutes earlier was in place, we would have another freeze which caused another school day cancellation. The school day would now start 10 minutes earlier to make up time. Children eventually ended up going to school on a day when it was initially a no-class day. It seemed forever to get to the final days but we made it. The last day of school finally came, June 6th.

A few weeks prior to school ending, there seemed to be a switch in Kyson. Was it due to the weather warming up? The weather warming up did mean our evening walk outdoors was back!

Kyson started verbally talking more, of course, most of the time it was jibber jabber but he was trying to use words. There were absolutely no more meltdowns (knock-on-wood). Kyson and Dad were getting along, there was no more fighting and constant need to cling to Dad.

Kyson starts repeating math problems out loud started to read more words. Unannounced to me, this was shocking to see Kyson know what a word was. The best part, he was going to bed…on his own!

“Seriously, what’s going on here?!”

Summer Plans
ABA therapy will continue but due to short-staffed, we will continue on with what hours we can get. I’ve been helping more on getting programs in with Kyson. He’s whipping through “Wh” questions like the Flash and I’m so happy to announce, he can zip up his own jacket independently.

We continue to work on his grip with writing tools. He still can’t tolerate the grasp, it’s very irritating to him. The downfall of no more school means no more socializing with peers. It’s hard to find playgroups for him in the area we live in.

Mommy Vent
I honestly have to ask,
“Don’t people work? How do you find time throughout the day to take a child on play dates during the daytime?”
I mean, most play-groups are during the day when I’m working or perhaps it’s my luck cause it always falls on a day I’m not available. Not like that matters since Kyson has therapy into the late evenings and by that time playgroups are over.
I found that our local library has a quiet time or sensory-friendly time one Saturday out of the month at 9:00 AM.

“Who goes to the library at 9:00 AM?! C’mon!”

Weekends are packed with family events going on but weekends are the only two days I can actually try to fit in an hour to write.

Vent Over
So last weekend, I took time off. I took Kyson to go play, we ended up at my aunt’s place. She has two younger children, Kassandra a girl, and Kenrik a boy. They’re a few years older than Kyson, but still young enough to want to play. They have a pool and what a great time we had.

Kyson watched as they were swimming and he would imitate the splashing, waving of the arms underwater and kicking with his feet up. When we left, Kyson immediately fell asleep in the car.

He slept the entire night. The very first thing he asked when he woke,
“Go see Andra?”
His way of saying “Kassandra”. He’s been asking to go see Andra every day since. I missed a week of blogging because I had to stop and realize that he needed a funfilled weekend with some socializing with peers. There wasn’t a lot of socializing but there were peers.
Looks like rain this weekend so there won’t be any swimming but Kyson, we will see Andra soon.

Kyson also got a new friend from my Uncle, his Grandpa. We haven’t given it a name but for now, we call it “Fish”, just fish. It’s still a young one.


Congratulations to this Kindergarten Grad!

Schools Out

Proud Mom Moment, we went to the store and he wanted a toy. I told him to put it back and we weren’t getting one this time. He put it back. He pouted the entire time in the store, but I didn’t have to buy a toy to avoid a meltdown.

Walking out of the store with no toy! He’s totally catwalk ready!

He’s really growing and I am too! Looks like this introvert will have to start finding more playgroups.

-Anna MV

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