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Goodbye Winter Sickness

As you can probably tell, I’ve been off track for a while now. I haven’t been able to focus on blogging as much lately this Winter. Our house got hit with a horrible Winter sickness.

It all started with the Thanksgiving holiday, I made myself stay away for a bit just to focus on family. With the recent unexpected loss of my sister in law, I wanted to just take a step back, slow down and remember these moments.

Then work got busier, the excitement of Christmas break was nearing, and I was really going through and ridding stuff that was no longer needed that have been just collecting dust in the house. I felt a great accomplishment each day and then Kyson caught the winter sickness.

The horrible flu bug!
Fever started on Thursday night and stayed for 3 days. He wouldn’t eat anything and couldn’t even keep any fluids down. He even stayed with the in-laws one night so I could work for a day.

Finally, the fever subsided and we waited for the “24-hour rule” before going back to school, but that evening the fever returned. Great! Not what we were hoping but I knew it was time to head into the walk-in just to make sure he didn’t catch anything else.

I prepped Kyson all morning letting him know he was sick and we were heading out somewhere. Kyson, of course, is confused and just laying around trying to keep his tired eyes open.

So tired

“We have to go see the doctor, okay?” I say on repeat.

“Okay bud, we gotta go see the doctor now.”

We finally go in.
The nurses and doctor was extremely awesome I must say. They were aware of Kyson and gave him all the extra time he needed. Always making sure we were okay or how he would take it, once they started all the testing. Even at one point when removing his shirt, asking if his sensory would be okay with the towel fabric.

I don’t ever recall such a relaxing and satisfying experience at a walk-in clinic. And all for my son to make sure he was comfortable. No strep throat (thank goodness) but he did end up having an ear infection. Poor guy, he was exhausted by the time we left.


Even if Kyson didn’t enjoy all the scraping and poking, I know he started feeling better after a few days on antibiotics. Kyson never missed so much school and therapy days. It definitely was a very unusual week!

Back to ourselves…so we thought.
Kyson made it back to school for 2 days before the long holiday break. Things were back on track then exactly 1 week later, the Winter sickness returns.

I check in on him, Kyson is laying down in his playroom watching Youtube. I walk back out and my husband follows. Out of nowhere, he starts yelling,

“Daddy! Daddy! Help me! Go see doctor!”

Dad walks into the room, puts his hand on Kyson’s head. 

“He’s so hot!” my husband yells.

“Daddy, help me! Doctor!” Kyson shouts again

His temp hit 102 and here we are, back with the winter sickness.

In the chaos of all this, my daughter was sick too. Just one day off for her, then my husband with a horrible cold, then here I am. Yep, me, writing this with this horrible head cold, the cough that won’t stop, and lightheadedness. We all got it. 

In light of all this, I guess there is one thing to be thankful for, Kyson is no longer afraid to visit the doctors. He’s getting comfortable with clinics. He now understands that doctors help sick people (something we also worked on recently in therapy, learning about occupations). 

“Kyson, who helps sick people?”


-Anna MV

Anna MV

A Hmong woman practicing life finding art in everything. Blogger of Family, Life, Culture, Autism, Self Awarenes

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  1. Robyn

    Oh goodness – sorry you are sick and you all had to go through so much sickness. But that is a good outcome for Kyson to be okay with the Doctor now. I guess for all the bad that is some good!

    1. Anna MV

      Yes, I agree. Thanks, Robyn! I hope all this sickness will be done soon!

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