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Funny Hmong People Stuff

In continuation of ” You Know You’re Hmong If...” 

I couldn’t help but find more to list, on the last post I did. Oh, the funny but “usual” things Hmong people live with every day. So the list continues with 8 more reasons that you know you’re Hmong.

You Know You’re Hmong If…

  1. You have so many dishes, most you’ll probably never use but you have them so you’re prepared for big celebrations. Most of those dishes were probably gifted to you during your wedding.
  2. Once again, rice! Rice everywhere, on the floor, on clothes, and sometimes you don’t even know rice is stuck on you until it dries up and hardens. You accidentally run your hands along your sleeve or pants and unbeknownst to you, you find that dry piece of rice and then yank it off of you. 
  3. Your parents and the elders own huge aluminum pots. These pots are used when you have big celebrations to make a meal. Everyone marks their pots with nail polish with initials. For some odd reason, everyone seems to have the same penmanship. 
  4. Chairs! Just like the many dishes you have, you probably own a rack of folding chairs. Again, held for large celebrations so everyone has a seat at the table. Oh and don’t forget, with those folding chairs, you probably have folding table stored somewhere too. 
  5. You have a perfectly working kitchen with oven but prefer to cook on the outdoor propane stove. We try to avoid frying anything up in the house. 
  6. You own one of these!
    Hmong People Own This
  7. These are the best knives ever! I know you have one of these or at least want one!
    Hmong Knives
  8. Last but not least, you know you’re Hmong if you have a relative with the “exact” same name as you. I mean, there’s not many of us so it’s bound to happen. 

Final Thoughts

Well, that completes this list for now. I’m sure I’ll have more written down as the week goes on but just wanted to top off this long weekend ahead of us with this. Hope you all have a great Labor Day weekend. I hope you have your table and chairs ready! 

-Anna MV

Anna MV

A Hmong woman practicing life finding art in everything. Blogger of Family, Life, Culture, Autism, Self Awarenes

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  1. MamaSue

    I love my Kiwi knives! They’re really the best. I also wanna add one to your list:
    You know you’re Hmong if you get calls from family you haven’t seen all year wanting to stay for the weekend cause the tournament is in your town. 😅 Happy Labor Day weekend!

    1. Anna MV

      🤣 so true! I’ll note that for the next listing!

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