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Farewell Theresa

It was like any other session, Kyson was taking a break and while he wandered off to find his blanket the Senior BT came and gave me the news. She had put in her two-week notice and would start preparing for ongoing programs until someone could come in to takeover Kyson’s goals. For now, it would be his doctor that would visit to make sure everything was aligned and follow-up during the transition.

The News

I was heart-broken, but of course, had to hold back the emotions. You see, she was special to Kyson and I. She’s been there since day 1, the very first person that we met in our home and the only one who has stayed on. Just 3 months shy of being with us for 2 years.

One of the reasons why she decided to leave was her cap on her pay. She didn’t have the schooling behind her name so there was nowhere else for her to go but stay at the same level she was currently at. Her other employer promoted her and offered full-time hours. From there, she still had places to climb up. I couldn’t help but agree, if that was me, I would’ve done the same.


She was great at her job and amazing with Kyson. The one thing that shocks me most is Theresa didn’t have kids of her own yet she managed special needs children flawlessly.

Why would schooling or having that certificate/degree prove if one can do their job or not, let alone to get a raise or decent wage to live? I’m not saying that education isn’t important, but if one can excel in an industry, a company should fight to keep good employees on. Invest in the people that make your company strong. The thing is, Theresa did have a degree and a huge amount of school debt left to pay. It just wasn’t the degree they wanted.

Final Day

I wish I would’ve given her a hug. She meant so much to us, she helped my son grow into what he is now. She attended every IEP meeting with me and supported every decision I had to make on the spot. I’m not going to lie, I love that she was able to handle Kyson on his “off” days and transition him right back into working. She never gave up on him every single day!

When the final day cand and the session was done, we said our goodbyes. My heart broke as she said bye to Kyson and told him to keep on learning.

“You’re going to be great!” she tells him.
“Bye!” Kyson shouts at her,


Kyson not knowing that this “good-bye” time was different. Farewell Theresa!

Perhaps we’ll run into her at the new job one day and he’ll again, get to say “Hi!”

-Anna MV

Anna MV

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  1. Robyn

    Oh, that is so tough. I felt that pain as a worker and as the one being provided the service. May the next person working with Kyson be just as brilliant as Theresa – and hopefully you both will get to see her again in the future!

    1. Anna MV

      I hope we see her too! Whoever replaces her has big shoes to fill for sure! 😊 She is truly missed!

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