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Dear Daughter: Class of 2020

Dear Daughter,

Here we are going into week 4 of quarantine. The school will be closed until the end of this month. I know it and you know it we’re both going crazy Not being able to go out. Well, going out for our own enjoyment.

I want you to know how proud I am of you and even though the situation sucks.
One day you’ll understand. You Staying home and being healthy means so much more than you’ll ever know. We’re a part of history right now, daughter.

You’re going to be an official adult soon. I’m so excited Even though we will have to do your celebration birthday at home. We won’t be able to go off to have a glamorous meal But don’t worry I’ll make something good to eat as long as you make the cake.

I know you’re missing out on so much of your senior year moments.
There is no more senior prom, no more senior trips with your friends, and no more graduation parties. We’ll have to take a rain check on that “mommy-and-daughter” vacation we were planning.

The one that makes me most sad, is the fact that I won’t be able to see you walk across the stage to receive your high school diploma. I know you’ve been waiting for this moment which feels like forever. You waited for 13 years! You and your friends won’t be able to throw your cap into the air because your cap and gown are in your locker where the school has been closed indefinitely.

Daughter and  Class of 2020
You might not be able to walk the stage at commencement, you may miss out on the best days making memories of senior year. It’s really sad, I know.

This was your year, but being alive and healthy is much more important right now. I hope you’ll understand and believe this one day.

By the Hmong Artist Vam Moua
Enter a Title: “BREATHE”
By the Hmong Artist: Vam Moua

Daughter, thank you for always washing your hands, watching and caring for your little brother, cooking lunch and sometimes dinner, all while still being a high school senior at home. Thank you for being my daughter.

Your Mom


Anna MV

Dear Daughter

Anna MV

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