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Change In Routines

Since my recent post, “Farewell Theresa”, there has been many changes in his routine. They say autistics like routine, boy are they right! No more Theresa means a change in faces, paces, and behaviors.

It was like a light switch between night and day. Kyson didn’t know that it was Theresa’s last day but since then, we have now moved to new faces. Not seeing Theresa meant many new upsetting behaviors which have become uncontrollable.

For the first time, Kyson has lashed out on me. Swinging at me with full force. He’s a little guy, but you would not think that a blow like that would be from this kid. He’s learned that shouting hurts one’s ears so he will scream when he doesn’t get his way. Lord knows, Dad has become Kyson’s punching bag.

It’s not all bad moments, but at the time being, these outburst and meltdowns are coming around more often.

Therapy Sessions

One of our BTs that Kyson works with started when Theresa was still here but even still Kyson has lashed out at her too. I’ve had to be more actively involved during therapy because he has completely ignored commands. He zones out when being asked questions and he doesn’t want to play anymore. What he used to love no longer motivates him to participate.

However, we now have someone who replaced Theresa and along with that a new BT to take on additional shifts with Kyson. New face, especially in Kyson’s house was never his thing. It’s hard for him to tolerate them when they’re here and all they are doing at the moment is playing with him and trying to get to know him. The moment they ask him to sit down to work, he lashes out.

Stressed to the max

Change in routines for him means a change in routine for me too. No more working from home for a while. Lord knows my job isn’t the easiest either managing a team. I used to work to get some relief and now I feel like home is more comforting. I’ve had to work less and fewer hours to help Kyson.

My husband and I both have tried helping him cope but we all know that Kyson only sees Dad as a friend. This is not Dad’s fault, his work schedule is not routine. There’s no way to explain it to someone when they ask what his hours are. We just go days without seeing Dad.

We will continue to work with Kyson but until my husband can have consistent hours to be home, I will continue to pull my hair out every day. I am so stressed out!

Final Thoughts

How do you deal with this? How do I help him cope with this change in routine? Do I wait it out and hope that it’s just a phase?

Our school open house is next week and I hope it sparks him up a bit. Seeing something familiar and seeing his friends. I can’t wait for school to start! At least there will be no change in routines there.

-Anna MV

Anna MV

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  1. Robyn

    Hopefully the familiarities in school will help. And I love the photo!!

    1. Anna MV

      I hope so too. Thanks, Robyn!

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