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Blogging for Beginners: The Correct Way

Ever want to start a blog, but you just don’t feel like you have the time? Maybe you doubt yourself that you’re not good enough, what if no one likes it, what if no one reads it? Here’s my first advice to you, quit thinking of what others “may” think and do YOU! There’s no correct way!

Yes, self-doubt is a horrible mechanism to have when you dream big. “Dreaming Big” is one thing, but the actions you take ongoing for that dream is one way to start removing doubts. Most people spend their days pondering big dreams but will find every excuse not to act on something they want to do. Here are some tips on how to blog…the Anna way.


How often should you post?

You probably are already following many great bloggers out there, are you not? You see they’re publishing a blog daily, but what does that have to do with you? Who cares, do it when you can. Find a schedule that works for you. Write down goals and commit to it, be practical. Write it like you’ve already started, in present form as if it is the only thing in your life that people will know about you.

  • I post a blog once a month
  • I am blogging about dinner
  • Today I am posting about “water”

I often get asked, “where do you find the time?” The answer, I don’t find time, I “make” time! I am writing this on a Sunday afternoon while my son is splashing water all over my backyard. Expect many interruptions if you’re doing this on the side for yourself. Break rules and create your own style, just remember to edit. I still mess up on this a lot! Editing helps!

What to blog about?

Again, who cares! There are no rules to what you can share. Is it something you want others to know about? Is it something you’re great at that someone could learn from you? Are you going on a vacation and want readers to know your opinion on the resort you’re staying at? Just do it.

Don’t get caught up on what others are doing. There’s no rule for word count. Sometimes you may have to split the topic into two. A 500-word blog just isn’t always going to work on certain topics. Break it down, create another, do it in parts. I’ve seen chapters out there, perhaps one day you’ll have a published “book.”

  • Pen and paper, jot your ideas, mind map your style
  • Apps, ideas as you go, blog on the go
  • Stop comparing your topic on what someone else may have already blogged about
  • Just because someone is already doing it, doesn’t mean you can’t do it better

Not a writing utensil type person, no worries. Voice recorder, talk to yourself and take mental notes at that moment. The power of smartphones…they have “note” apps, type in ideas as you go. WordPress app, download this to your phone if you work well with the almighty “thumbs” typing. Many find this a great app to have for quick blogging, blog drafting, and publishing when you’re ready. Just click “publish” and ta-da!

How do you start?

Now! Write it down, type it out, talk it through. Even if you don’t have a site to share them on, save it until you do. There are many free sites out there for you to use. I just happen to use WordPress as this site allows you to connect with other bloggers already using it directly. Your blog will show up in the “reader” section, like newsfeed on Twitter or Facebook. You follow them, they follow you.

Heck, put the entire blog on a Facebook post if you don’t have a site to share it from.

Need help? Depending on what type of learner you are, Google it, YouTube it, or read another blogger’s “how-to”. If you want to get something going, there so many great resources out there. A few other options

  • Reach out to bloggers and ask, there’s many out there ready to help you (not all, but many)
  • Create accounts on social media, and engage and make connections
  • If you want to learn, nothing should get in your way to grasp knowledge

Once you feel comfortable and want to take it to the next level, get your blog on a self-hosted site. SiteGround is affordable and only starts at $3.95 a month and compatible with WordPress.

Web Hosting

My very first blog drafted in 2015 and finally deciding to publish it. It was a blog of my mother’s journey during the Vietnam War crossing the Mekong River with my older brother and sister. The only reason why I haven’t blogged up until 2 months ago…self-doubt, I am my own biggest doubter!

For you to grow, the best way for you to learn is to be a practitioner in whatever it is you want to achieve.

Cheers to you!

-Anna MV

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