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Back to school we go

It’s been two weeks since we’ve been back to school. It’s probably my new favorite time of year because back to school means back to routine! Kyson loves his routine.

I sure was worried the few days before school started if we were going to be able to go to bed earlier and wake up in time. I was scared since summertime means a later time for me to get myself up for work while the family sleeps. Just like that, we all adjusted right in like we always have been still going to school.

One More Worry

I was a bit worried since we didn’t have a great experience at the school’s open house. Kyson was all smiles when we drove up to school. He walked in happily and the minute he saw his teacher, all hell broke loose. He fell to the ground shouting and banged on the chair in the hallway. When we finally entered the classroom, he destroyed everything that his teacher introduced him too. Bless her heart, she was so gentle with him. Well, as I suspected, Dad was with us and Kyson loves having meltdowns with him. Kyson and Dad ended up going back out to the car while I finished paying fees and filling out forms.


The night before school, Kyson went to bed on his own. I think he knew there was school the next day. He even awoke all by himself, we ate breakfast and then got ready. He waited and watched out the window. Seeing his smile when the bus showed up meant everything. He was excited.

It’s Here

The morning went by so fast, I forgot to take the “first day of school” pictures of my kids. Yes, I’m that type of mom, I didn’t take any pictures of my kids! I was so worried, having pictures were the last thing on my mind. I only remembered that I didn’t once I was eating lunch and scrolling through Facebook and every single thing on my newsfeed was parents posting pictures of their kids.

Back to school
when you forget to take pictures so instead you draw one

The hours flew by and I get a text from Kyson’s teacher. I look at the time and realize school is already over. He’s on his way home on the bus.

“Kyson had a great first day, all smiles and giggles,” she texted.

I thanked her and then waited until the bus arrived. Dad got him off the bus and came inside. All smiles and he wasn’t evening napping like he usually does on his way home on the bus. We hugged, he said hi to his therapist, and then sat on the couch. The official first back to school day was over and right back into therapy we go. Kyson adjusted just fine. We’re back to the exact routine we had last school year and Kyson is all smiles!

-Anna MV

Medusa: Kyson having a blast playing with pipe cleaners during therapy. 

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