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Autism Therapy Controversy

I follow a lot of support groups for parents who raise children on the spectrum and lately, I’ve seen a lot of posts online in regards to what therapy works and which ones don’t. Oh, the controversy of “therapy” choices!


Who are you to say what does and doesn’t work? Let’s be real, is not every child different? Isn’t everyone who has the ASD diagnosis different that’s why the word “spectrum” is part of it?

Myself, being a parent raising a child on the spectrum, how would you know what works and what doesn’t if you never even tried it? There’s a way to get your point across, but how about trying to do it with kindness. I can’t step into this drama at the moment, just wanted to share my two cents of what I’m reading at this exact moment. Italics below is just me thinking to myself.

Opinion Comment 1.

“If you do your homework, most autistics and those who support them will tell you ABA is not a good option for those on the spectrum. It is the therapy of choice as for years, it’s all people knew. At the end, when people say ABA works – it’s because it does change behaviors. Reward and punishment therapies rarely work to help the individual – it works to help them appear more “normal”. It is a form of “treatment” and many people believe autistics don’t need treatment – as that implies you’re working towards a “cure”. ”

Okay, what homework are you getting these stats from?

Opinion Comment 2.

“With my cognitive/neuroscience training I’d like to think yes there are fundamental basics to ABA which work but it NEVER should have been all on its own with no other perspectives/approaches integrated. Something is missing, it’s like training dogs and forgets the human.”

Wow! Really? Sorry to all my dog lover friends! Let’s be honest here, most parents reward children for anything; landing a jump, kicking a ball, getting good grades! 

Opinion Comment 3.

” I personally do not like ABA for many reasons. I used to be an ABA therapist too, a couple of years before I had my daughter, I now understand why many don’t like it and would never return to the field. Once you research other options you really understand why ABA makes absolutely no sense

Wouldn’t you think it may have evolved over time as any other approach? 

Can you see why parents and people may be so overwhelmed with all this out there? This isn’t to say that there weren’t comments out there about ABA doing wonders for them. There’s many other approaches or therapies out there for you to utilize. I just happen to stumble on this and wanted to share cause we use ABA with my son. I don’t know why I can’t seem to understand or I don’t see ABA in the way as the above opinions at all.

Well, Mommies and Daddies, here’s a toast to you! Good luck on the journey and may you find what works for you and your child(ren).


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  1. Robyn

    There are about 5 autism discussions that I just stay completely out of because people get so heated. ABA is definitely one of those “hot” topics. I agree – every child is different and do what is best for them.

    1. Anna MV

      Robyn, I’m with you on the choice of staying out. The room was on fire! It got way out of hand on this online support group.

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