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And We Are Back

Strange how things play out sometimes…

I got a phone call and just like that, we are back! ABA therapy is back in full stride. Coincidence that it just so happen to begin on April 2nd, Autism Awareness Day.

(Off topic a bit, April also is Hmong Heritage Month. Yay!)

First Day

When Kyson got off the bus, he notices a familiar car. That would be the car of the Therapist. He’s tired from a long ride home, his bus ride takes half an hour so most days we find him sound asleep and sometimes drooling all over himself on the bus. This day he was awake. As soon as he noticed the car, he starts to whine. Perhaps he was tired and about to sleep but made it just in time to fully doze off.

Dad gets Kyson through the door and from the doorway, he peeps his little head through to see if “she” was really here. Yes, she was here alright which triggered a meltdown. After all, we were expecting it. It’s been 2 whole months since they’ve seen each other. A short 10-minute breather, he slowly walks into the living room. Therapist pops out one of his favorite items to play with, Marble Run.

Just like that, he was back! The session consisted mostly of just playing and rebuilding a relationship again but I could tell he was happy.

During Session

Kyson was quite shy and quiet when he was talking with her. Not sure why he was so shy and seemed strange since he’s not like that. There he was, talking full on sentences with her and playing. The therapist didn’t want to push him too hard since it was his first day again. I could tell that he missed her.

Short tasks only but he nailed them all.

Oh, a few new lines that he has learned since therapy stopped which surprised the Therapist.

“Go away”


The horrid “no”, he has come to know the word “no” so very well and says it appropriately. It’s his favorite word, LOL.


Final Thoughts

When the Therapist arrived, I was overjoyed. I truly have missed her company too. There was an awkward moment when I wanted to hug her when she came inside, but then I held back (trying to remember the professional side of things) I’m sure she would have returned the hug too but all the weird rules these Service Providers have to their staff is a bit over the top and I didn’t want to get her fired. Not even sure if that was a possibility but I didn’t want to chance it.

The only sad while we were waiting to start again, we lost some old staff (Behavior Technicians, BT). The BTs that Kyson has bonded with and have become familiar with the past year. They had transitioned on to other children. Which I totally understand since they didn’t have our hours anymore, they continued to help other children who have been waiting. I will truly miss them!

This also means finding new BTs and making sure Kyson is comfortable with them when they start. So for now, until we find new BTs, it will be just him and the Therapist that is really, really, really good with Kyson. She can always get him back on track.

We are back to therapy!

-Anna MV
Happy Hmong Heritage Month & Autism Acceptance Month

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