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Welcome to “An Unusual Path”

I’m Anna MV, the contributor of this blog sharing stories of Hmong Culture, Autism Parenting, Family Life and mostly just Living Life. I’m Hmong (an ethnic group of SE Asia) and a woman practicing life, finding the art in everything whileΒ building acceptance to everything that comes about on my Unusual Path.

I’m also a mom of 2, a wife to the best partner in crime…and all the above! My family life is the reason why I started blogging to share my stories. The stories I share are about “us” learning to grow each day together. I share personal life experiences through my own views looking to connect with others in the world.

-It’s just me!-

I Love…

  • food (mostly eating it)
  • creating images
  • autism family life
  • diversity and culture

My Passion and superpower… helping others

Thanks for visiting “An Unusual Path”!

-Anna MV

Anna MV