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2020 Won

Happy New Year 2021! As excited as I am to announce that, I can’t help, but feel that 2020 won and I’m still feeling the repercussions of it. Feels very much like the 2020 hangover. The many days of not knowing what next week will look like, constantly forgetting my mask when I must go out, and quarantining with the entire family when one of us tested positive with COVID. Even as we are started into the new year, it’s obvious to me that 2020 won it all.
Here are a few things we’ve endured the last few months in our humble adobe…

The Count Down

1. From Virtual School to In-person. In November, my son was able to go back to school for 2 hours a day while being in the classroom just him and his teacher. In the meantime when he was attending, his teacher was quarantined due to exposure so he spent two weeks with a paraprofessional. No one even lets you know either. As his teacher returns for a week, we notify him that our family will have to start quarantine.

2. Daddy is positive! My husband and I bother got tested on a Saturday, Tuesday comes around and turns out I get an email notification saying my results are negative. My husband is still sleeping as he just got home that morning, Kyson and I are up getting ready for the day. He gets on the bus to school and then I leave for the office. An hour later, I get a call about the positive results my husband received. I pack up and leave, Kyson comes home from school and we all go into one big bubble for 14 days. It’s extremely hard to keep my son away from Dad. We all know when Dad’s home, it’s playtime…all the time! Kyson was not happy and didn’t understand why he couldn’t hang out with Dad.

3. Chaotic Work.
I enjoy working from home very much, but working from home when you have a 7-year-old running around and being the caretaker of a family member when they’re ill is chaos. Constant cleaning and sanitizing everything.

4. This is Life. While I got to go back to the office, remember my Kyson only goes to school 2 hours a day so every day. Which meant, go in for 2 hours, run home and get him off the bus. Try to wake up Dad or if Sister was around that day have them watch Kyson. Run back to the office and stay for another 3 hours. Run home before the therapist got to the office so therapy can begin at home. Yes, this was now my life!

5. 2020 Sucked. Well, just a little. Needless to say, with most businesses being shut down for a while, school being virtual, and limiting ourselves to public places only when necessary, I so very much enjoyed being home. I hear people always saying how they can’t stand being home or they don’t have anything to do when they don’t have a job. Let me tell you, my opinion on that is very much the opposite. I got so much done! Yes, I binged a lot of shows, played a lot of games, cleaned out so much clutter in my house. And even after all that, I’m still not done. I can get 100 things on my to-do list still if I really wanted, but I just want to reiterate that “introverts” very much LOVE this quarantine.

That’s pretty much all I have to share for now. I hope that you and your families had a splendid Merry Christmas and the best New Year’s Day however, it was spent! I’m looking forward to the next chapter of our family life and seeing what 2021 will bring. I’m also hoping to get to that vacation my daughter and I missed out on this year.
Until next time, be safe and take care of each other.

-Anna MV

Anna MV

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